Friday, May 6, 2011

The Big Move

As I mentioned in my original post on The Rookie Wife, my husband and I recently went through a 'big move'.

And the reality was, technically the move probably wouldn't be considered 'big' - we only moved an hour and a half away, but in my mind it was a big headache because we had so much stuff to move.  And despite the fact that we threw out a ridiculous amount, and gave away an awful lot, I still feel like we have more stuff in our new place then we had in our old one.

But I'll begin telling you the story of our move with the beginning:

Dave had to be up in Miramichi by April 4th, so one of the first things that we did was send up the spare bed we have so that he could have a place to sleep (he insisted he could sleep on the floor in his sleeping bag, but I wouldn't hear of it).  And despite Dave moving up at the beginning of April, he still had to travel back and forth between Moncton and Miramichi for a couple of weeks every tuesday night because he was in a class (and he would also frequently come up on weekends or when he had a day off).  Every time Dave came up, he would take a full carload of our junk with him on his way back to Miramichi so that we wouldn't have so much to move on our moving day (which we didn't, we fit everything into a fairly small uhaul trailer on moving day as well as some stuff in the car and my parents jeep!)

Because Dave had our car and moved up before I did, I hadn't seen the apartment before I moved in, except for one day that we traveled up to sign the apartment lease before Dave had moved in.  And so when I first walked in to the place last Friday, I wasn't prepared for what I saw: a place packed with boxes and junk and everything else.  I honestly had no idea where we were going to put our furniture!

(I guess we kind of signed up for this mess though, since we did move from a 2 bedroom apartment, to a 1 bedroom apartment which is probably half the size of our last one, and which has much less storage space.  But apparently, renting a basement apartment in a larger city with a stronger economy is cheaper than renting a basement apartment in a smaller city with a fairly weak economy - oh well - at least we are close to Dave's work so we 'should' be able to save on gas costs!)

We finally got everything moved in on Friday night but the place was a disaster, and I decided that no one would believe how awful it was if I didn't take photos of how wretched the place looked with all of our packed stuff in it, so I took some pictures to help convey the disastrousness of the apartment.  Hopefully next week I will have an updated post with pictures of the place done - we are close, but still not there yet, and I just cannot wait to have it all done!

Here goes (p.s. - I apologize in advance that none of the pictures are in focus.  I am a lame photographer first thing in the morning/all the time - don't kill your eyes!)

The Bedroom

This photo was taken at the doorway to our room looking towards the left

Taken from the back of the room looking towards the right corner (that's our entire closet - ouch!)

This is taken in the same location except other corner.  Hubby wouldn't get out of bed so I could take a picture without him in it - so I apologize for him being in some of these!

Again, at the doorway looking to the right of the room

The Kitchen

Looking from right outside the bedroom door into the kitchen area

Looking from outside the bathroom door into the kitchen/dining area

The Living Room
Looking from in the Kitchen into the Living Room (door leads to entryway)

Looking from in the kitchen to the other corner of living room and jacket closet (door with husband's shadow leads to bathroom)

The Bathroom/Laundry Room

Looking from a couple steps inside the bathroom door to the left side of the room (right is bathtub/shower which thankfully wasn't messy!)
The cupboard above the dryer

The cupboard above the washing machine
The cupboard above the toilet
The storage room that is off the bathroom

All in all I would declare my house to be sufficiently disastrous.  And it has gotten better (especially the kitchen because I obviously need that part), but I just cannot wait for it to be all done! Anyone offer free unpacking/cleaning services in the Miramichi area?

Thursday, May 5, 2011

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Check back tomorrow, Friday May 6th for my very first blog post about Miramichi!